Management Control with Integrated Planning (English Hardcover)

Management Control with Integrated Planning (English Hardcover)

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  1. This book presents an integrated and practically-applicable management control model.
Management Control is the process by which managers at all hierarchical levels ensure that their intentions are realized. This requires a management control system that enables managers to map external developments to the internal planning and control processes and to improve the coordination between all actors.

The book offers concrete guidance on how to build an integrated planning and control system. The requirements are derived from internationally well known management models and from corporate management practice. The book presents the fundamentals and models, while also guiding through a comprehensive simulation model programmed in Excel.Using this model, readers can trace the dependencies, structures and calculation methods used in detail, and identify the effects on other areas The goal is to provide a design template for the implementation of a decision-relevant management accounting system as well as for winning internal piloting indicators and early warning information that readers can use at their own organizations.

Given its focus, the book will be a valuable asset for managers and specialists, service providers, project developers, producers and traders, public enterprises, NGOs, consultants and lecturers in the fields of management, controllership and information technology.

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